To deal with the Covid-19 emergency, we took advantage of our expertise in the field of plastic materials to develop and produce a FACE SHIELD IN PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).
The VPMS19 face shield is a Category II Personal Protective Device, CE Standard Certified, in compliance with Regulation EU/425/2016 and UNI EN 166:2004 Standard.
It provides adequate face protection in case of risky situations such as:
- Splashes of liquids, including biological ones;
- Low energy impacts of solids.
Our PET Face Shield is designed for use in work activities that involve the risk of exposure to chemical and biological agents such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, VIRUS.
The main areas of use are:
- Activities in health services;
- Veterinary sector;
- Analysis and /or research laboratory;
- Activities in clinical, veterinary, microbiological and diagnostic laboratories;
- Treatment and disposal of water and  wastes
- Collection of potentially infected waste collection;
- Civil defence, emergency services.
- CE certified face shield (see attached photo)
- Compliant with EU/425/2016 Regulation
- UNI EN 166:2004
- 100% Made in Italy
- Class 1 Eye Protection Marking
- Produced with recyclable materials used in the food industry
- Can be used together with face mask and protective goggles
- Reusable and easy to disinfect and sanitize.



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