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Since 1987 to date and for the future, the main goal of  MAC SHOES has been the realization of accessories and components aimed to solve the widest range of problems which inevitably arise during the different stages of footwear production.
For this purpose a specific department has been established, which examines the issues raised by customers and, when possible, meets each particular requirement. 
Important company resources have been devoted to the implementation of innovative materials in obedience to the principle of “little impact on people and environment”, by employing raw materials classified as “first-quality” by international rules and supplied with technical and safety data sheets in compliance with EU-regulations. Research, experimentation and development of new components for footwear are the primary objectives of our Company and they will also be in the future. 
The study of biotechnologies has made it possible to produce articles using biodegradable and/or biocompostable raw materials.

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